For customers who decided to purchase only computer appliances we ensure delivery of any device in accordance with supplied specification or mutually agreed with our consultants.

During the process of choosing a computer appliances we consider clients’ previous experience with specific brand as well as substantial and technical abilities of their IT divisions.


Personal Computers


We provide delivery of factory configurable computer appliances, software and accessories manufactured by world’s leading producers. Those appliances have original manufacturer warranty and is covered by their service help, which assures reliability to invest in IT technology development  for our clients.




Every deftly operating company must have efficient resources sharing system. A heart of that environment usually is server enabling services delivery for devices connected to network. We offer a wide range of appliances and server software, for the tower, rack and blade systems.


Matrix, mass storages and storage products


ZSK has a wide range of mass memory solutions, created for companies of different sizes and needs. There are efficient, effective and easy in managing systems, that allow for big quantity data government.



Network Attached Storage (NAS)


NAS  (Network Attached Storage) is network’s mass memory, enclosed in small, portable casing, connected directly to company network. NAS resources can be made accessible directly to network users, in order to store files in a central place. Application of this type of device allows for organized data and multimedia storage inside network, eliminates a risk of loss and reduces a time needed for creating spare copies.


Achieved application effects


Effective use of old servers running on Novell or Microsoft systems, without incurring capital expenditure for the purchase of newer equipment. Increase of the existing network resources (depending on the model of NAS memory and driscs used, from a few to several TB). Ensuring the security of the users’ local data without the necessity of additional investment in archiving systems (Backap).


Where can NSA be used?


NAS memory can be used anywhere where there is a need to collect and store files, data files in a central location of the company, in order for them to be accessible for employees. It acts as a file server. 

In situations where there are problems joining workstations with Windows Vista and Windows7 systems, to a Novell or Microsoft server. 

Where company setup requires introduction of other services, such as allowing remote access to files via a web browser (HTTPS), launching FTP server, iSCSI.


Data safety


NAS device provides a high level of data security. Drives can operate in 4 levels of RAID 0, 1, 5, X. Professional models usually have two network cards, which increases the level of availability in the event of one of them failure. Models, mainly RACK version, have two power supplies each. Additionally, through the USB connector an additional external drive can be connected, on which copy of the files from the NAS can be performed automatically.




Due to efficiency reasons it is best to use approx. 15 stands, up to max. 25 in environments. Suggested network  -GB


Examples of implementation


Such a solution has been deployed at our client’s. Novell server has been replaced by the NAS. This resulted in increase in the network storage space by 50 times and solved the problem of connecting the new stations from Windows 7 to Novell server. The problem of backup has also been solved, because the streamer 35/70 was not able to accommodate all data  from the Novell server on one tape.

firewalle, IPS/ IDS/ DUP, etc.).