Our history


ZSK sp. z o.o. has been on Polish market from September 1986. Since then we dealt with maintenance services, design and production of hardware. By the end of the 80s we expanded our offer to software. Opportunities that emerged in the early 90s resulted in rapid development of the company in the field of up-to-date information technologies.  We have expanded the range of products offered with dedicated solutions for the energy sector. We provided both our own specialized software and intelligent electricity meters co-created with global partners. Together with a leading Polish technical university, we conducted research on the effective data transfer using existing power lines. The innovativeness of the tested solutions allowed for their co-financing from European Union funds. This resulted in further broadening of our offer and development of operation profile which is constantly improved and adapted to current and future market needs.

ZSK limited liability company’s mission is to provide to our Customers comprehensive IT, ICT and building automation solutions, based on the latest technologies.

Many years of experience on the Polish market allows us to provide the highest quality services and guarantees our Partners optimal solutions both functionally and economically, tailored to their individual needs.

About Us

Zakład Systemów Komputerowych ZSK imited liability company has been on Polish market for more than 30 years. By working with biggest and most demanding Clients we have gained a lot of valuable experience.
The company offers a wide range of products that require both technical competence and organizational skills.
We are proud to have accomplished a large number of timely and fairly executed contracts, small as well as complicated ones. Our team of skilled professionals, constantly expand their knowledge and competences.
The company’s goal is to provide to Customers complex IT, ICT and Building Automation solutions, based on the latest technologies.

Zakład Systemów Komputerowych ZSK imited liability company provides the highest quality services, among others:

Protection of Network Data Systems (authentication systems and user authentication, data encryption, creation of public key infrastructure, security backups (backup), data archiving, storage arrays).

Design and execution of ICT infrastructure investments (performance of: structured cabling systems, network’s logical structures, analysis of network structures capacity, installation and launching of network management systems, active network devices, network designing, installation and configuration of devices, network performance analysis).

Telecommunication solutions (telephone exchange, IP telephony systems, video conferencing systems, e-learning, surveillance of buildings and cities using wireless transmissions).

Design and execution of smart building systems investments (BMS systems, access control and biometric systems, radio and television systems, design and implementation of server room data center).

Design and implementation of monitoring and management centers – visualization and management of security systems, technological processes of air traffic, construction of video walls.

Electrical installations (installation of dedicated power supply networks, testing and measurements of equipment and installations, designing of electrical installations, lightning and surge protection, switchgears, UPS and aggregates).

Audio Video systems (Digital Signage, interactive whiteboards, narrowcasting, foils and screens for rear projection, projectors, visualizers, video conferencing systems, control systems).

Computer appliances and accessories sale (delivery of the computer appliances, servers and mass storages).

Service (execution of warranty and post-warranty repairs, remote consultation service (hot-line), installation and launching of hardware and software).

We work for clients such as: state and local administration, military, airports, industry, constructions, banking, commerce, communication, education and cultural institutions.

Our competences are certified by the quality management systems certificate for compliance with ISO 9001, ISO 27001, ISO 14001 and AQAP 2110.

We have NATO’s National Business Entity Code (0283H), Concession (No. L-0300/01) on conducting business activities in the range of property protection services realized in the form of technical protection of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration, the designing licenses to SA-4 class and technical certificates from the manufacturers as well as trade and service authorizations from our partners. We also have Concession (No. B – 004/2010) to carry out business activities in the range of manufacturing and marketing of products and technology for military or police use.
Since 1999, in the company operates the Classified Information Protection Division with the ability of electronic data processing.