Offered by the ZSK outsourcing of IT processes service combines aspects of professional management of IT processes with high technical competences. Due to providing services by experienced team of engineers, the customer is ensured of high level IT support for his business at significant cost reduction. 

Our company has extensive experience in projects protecting network resources, conducting audits and security tests of IT systems. Among our outsourcing services there are: acquisition of the ongoing management of the application environments and infrastructure used by them (eg. servers, mass storages, networks). Outsourcing is a synonym of strategic cooperation mutually beneficial for both parties. 

The fundamental element of the agreement is a guarantee of a high level of services quality as well as methods of their measurement and evaluation. Outsourcing commissioning enables the company to focus on its core business to gain competitive advantage and achieve higher profits. Outsourcing is a strategic business tool, which contributes to faster growth of the company. 

External commission guarantees uninterrupted implementation of the latest, most advanced and emerging technologies without the risk of losing experienced and skilled workers from our business.