Building’s infrastructure navigation is easy, enhances comfort of usage and helps economizing.

Buildings have extended internal infrastructure filled with different systems, devices and technical installations. In order to govern them IT management systems are necessary. Professionally designed, implemented and managed building’s infrastructure constructs secure and comfortable work environment, simplifies building’s government and maintenance and service as well as helps to reduce media usage. From practical point of view, building management systems are in full control over all of the installations. This solution reduces the costs of building running,  furthermore, guarantees fast information flow in-between the systems and shortens reaction time to threats. BMS – Building Management System enables easy and compact management of individual installation elements which allows to reduce cost and save time.

Security Management System in the building

One of the priorities of every company should be ensuring safety of processed information inside the company as well as protection of employees. In order to fulfill those requirements a the employees’ work space should be equipped with integrated security system. An answer to the above is Security  Management  System – SMS – a global system integrating  all security systems of the building all whole facility. The system allows to manage all security systems of a building. It is one of the basic management systems that governs the automated control systems in the building. The Security Management System is combined of interlinked smaller security systems.

Access control system


This system is used mainly in the offices and institutions. It can be based either on advance personalisation system (eg. face recognition) or magnetic / chip card reader system. The first is based on the recognition of an authorized personnel by the access control system that denies entry to unrecognized individuals. If the unauthorized person tries to open the door, the locks will remain closed. In case of the second system, authorization is obtained through information gathered inside a card used to enter the building. The system reads the card to determine the access rights – if a person is not authorized to enter the system will no open the doors.



Audio Video Systems


Providing user comfort is not only about taking care of the appropriate environmental conditions or ensuring a sense of security. You should also facilitate his work or make his rest pleasant.

ZSK implements projects of audiovisual systems, visualization and process management systems, content management systems.

We integrate audiovisual systems in infrastructure, educational, public utility and private sector facilities. We deal comprehensively with the preparation of project documentation, sales and implementation of investments in the field of Audio-Video. In addition, we offer professional advice on the selection of equipment and installations.

Sound systems

At ZSK, we are aware of the importance of the sound system and a number of devices cooperating with it. We provide a professional selection of devices, tailored to the customer’s requirements and the facility’s installation capabilities. We offer a wide range of devices such as: wall and ceiling speakers and speaker sets, power amplifiers, mixers, processors and effects, audio matrices.

We select professional equipment for sound systems: wired and wireless microphones, sound sources (CD / DVD / BluRay players), installation accessories and others.


Video systems

We offer a wide range of visual services delivery. Having extensive experience in building telecommunications networks, we use them in the design and implementation of video transmission systems. The range of offers includes signal transmission, transmission control, projection and content management. We offer the construction of DVBT and SAT television networks as well as the possibility of creating an individual video transmission system for advertising or information purposes.

Control (Signal management)

An important aspect of signal transmission systems is their management. We offer comprehensive solutions in the field of AV signal switching. Thanks to the wide range of devices available in our offer, we build systems that perform any operations on analog signals (VGA / RGB, S-video, composite video, audio) and digital (DVI, HDMI, SDI, S / PDIF) signals. Our offer includes, among others: video and audio matrices, switches, scalers, extenders, processors or signal interfaces.

Our systems for managing AV signals are used in educational and infrastructure facilities, conference centers and residential buildings.

Projectors and projection screens

A successful presentation is not only about an interesting idea and its correct development. The way it is presented is also important – an interesting topic combined with multimedia elements, color and sound – giving a more complete message and making a positive impression on the recipient.

We offer displays and projectors with screens for home theater and dedicated to professional use.

Large-format imaging plays an important role in video surveillance systems, handling technological processes, and supervision of transport (air, mass). ZSK implements scalable solutions from large-format monitors to the construction of large video walls.


Conference systems

Nowadays, we need quick contact with other people. The possibilities offered by e-mail and telephone are sometimes insufficient. Regular live meetings and full contact are key elements of success. However, travel takes time and generates costs, and currently it is not always possible, so we offer modern conference systems transmitting clear images and sound, which allows you to have comfortable conversations despite long distances.

Digital signage

Sending visual and audio information is not enough. It is important that the information reaches the recipient at a specific place and time. Digital signage systems are responsible for managing the distribution of information (content). It is a digital distribution of multimedia content via a centrally managed display network. This network of dynamic digital communication can be compared to a private TV channel aimed at people located in, for example, a conference center, shopping center, office building.

The possibility of targeting the message and the effect of surprising the recipient, who does not expect to receive a dynamic message, make these types of networks effectively influence the recipient’s behavior.

The digital signage system consists of three basic elements:

 – Remote image management software,

 – Players with displays (e.g. large format monitors)

 – The content displayed.


ZSK can offer comprehensive solutions. We can build the entire system based on content management software from companies such as Eveo, Nexcom, Cayin Technology and selecting the equipment according to the needs. We implement both simple off-line systems (information kiosk) as well as extensive centrally and remotely managed systems.

 We can also help in preparing the content for presentation in the system.


Oferujemy rozwiązania POLYCOM w zakresie przesyłania obrazu i dźwięku.


W swojej ofercie posiadamy rozwiązania EXTRON ELECTRONICS w zakresie systemów Audio-Video


Dostarczamy systemy nagłośnieniowe PA oraz systemy monitoringu przeznaczone dla dużych obiektów użyteczności publicznej w oparciu o technologię i sprzęt MONACOR INTERNATIONAL.