Modern residential as well as public buildings require operational electrical installations and safety systems against electromagnetic discharge. We offer:


Dedicated power grid installations


Dedicated feeding installations are a separate electrical installation, allocated to supply power to indicated appliances. This installation is a necessary element of every structured wiring. Dedicated feeding installations are installed as a separate network from other electrical installations.



Installations for public utility buildings


We design installations enabling proper and comfortable usage of electric energy by the users. We plan installation layout and anticipated loading, taking into consideration a number of circuits, wire sections, fitment of sockets and emissaries.


Testing and measurements of devices and installations


Every installation during mounting, after execution or modernisation and reconstruction, should be submitted to particular inspection and tests in order to determine whether it meets set installation requirements. Modern measuring apparatus and computer software dedicated to preparation of documentation allow for professional measurements in accordance with highest standards.


Electrical installations designing


We specialize in execution of electrical projects, intelligent installations, teletechnical installations as well as preparation of design and cost evaluation documentation.


Earthing installation and anti-surge protection


We design comprehensive earthing installation and anti-surge protection solutions, which assure  trouble-free and reliable operation of electric and electronic devices and systems.


Switchgears / switchboards


We design and execute electric power units that consist of switchboard, locking, measuring, steering and signalling apparatus as well as all electrical and mechanical equipment.