We offer a comprehensive completion of design and realization works on server rooms and Data Centre.


Our company has the following systems dedicated to server rooms and Data Center:

  • Structured wiring;
  • Network hardware;
  • Extinguishing System;
  • Electrical installations;
  • Access control;
  • Precision air conditioning;
  • Power maintaining systemys (aggregates and UPS)
  • Early fire detection and fire alarm system
  • The break-in and robbery signaling system
  • Interna land External CCTV

ZSK offers a comprehensive service completing server rooms and  Data Center, based on preparation of design, delivering all necessary systems and hardware as well as integration with automated building system, BMS and other existing systems in the building.


Technical support is provided for all offered systems, as well as comprehensive implementation, with special care put into the current needs of the customer. 


All the performed works are covered with long-term warranties, that are a confirmation of the quality of services provided. 

Currently, every building is equipped with a series of installations responsible for the transmission of different data. These can be either analog as well as digital data, but it is always extremely important to have full control over the flow of information in these networks and guarantees of their long and trouble-free operation. The cabling system is the most important element for the entire network operation and is used for transmission of voice (telephony), video signals (CCTV), data as well as control as steering signals (access control, air conditioning). 


Structured wiring


Structured wiring is the most effective way of designing infrastructural network in a building. It can be installed in a building under construction or in already existing one raising its functionality and standards. Regarding designing and realization of low current system investments we offer:

  • Execution of structured wiring systems;
  • Execution of network logical structures;
  • Examination of network structure efficiency;
  • Integration of local networks into vast structures;
  • Installation and activation of network management systems;
  • Designing of networks, installation and configuration of equipment.


Active devices

  Every up to date LAN network In the building requires direct operation of active devices enabling its continuous and productive work. In our offer there are plenty of such devices, like: regenerators, concentrators, switches, bridges, routers or transceivers. Due to long time partnership with the biggest network equipment suppliers, we are able to deliver a high quality devices meeting all client’s needs. We guarantee the newest and most original technical solutions enabling enlargement of present infrastructure functionality and reduction of operating expenses.

Authorization management

  Intensive development of networks environments increases risk of infiltration of local network’s resources by unauthorized individuals. That kind of danger concerns everyone but especially big corporations, local administration and government. Within the framework of security systems we offer:
  • System for authorization and authentication of the users;
  • Data encryption;
  • Creating a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI);
  • Backup and archiving data systems, data matrix;
  • Firewall and IPS systems;
  • Biometrics

Environmental conditions control system

Air conditioning and ventilation in buildings plays a very important role. It determines the comfort of work and rest. The implemented solutions in the field of air conditioning and ventilation constantly refresh and regulate the air, maintaining a specific temperature in specific rooms. An example of application may be the reaction of the system to too low temperature in a given room, consisting in heating only that specific room. The system can also work the other way around, i.e. if the room temperature is too high, it can take steps to reduce it to an appropriate value.

Maintaining a stable temperature and humidity not only improves the comfort of employees, but is also necessary for the proper functioning of machines. Precise control of environmental conditions is an inseparable element of the functioning of every server room, practically necessary in every small, medium and large enterprise.


Jako złoty partner Extreme Networks oferujemy: przełączniki sieciowe punkty dostępowe oprogramowanie do analizy sieci systemy NAC


Jako autoryzowany partner FORTINET oferujemy usługi w kategoriach takich jak: Zapory ogniowe nowej generacji (UTM) Produkty dla centrów danych Bezpieczeństwo Wi-Fi Zabezpieczenie urządzeń klienckich Sandbox Analiza ruchu sieciowego


Jako autoryzowany partner FORTINET oferujemy usługi w kategoriach takich jak: Zapory ogniowe nowej generacji (UTM) Produkty dla centrów danych Bezpieczeństwo Wi-Fi Zabezpieczenie urządzeń klienckich Sandbox Analiza ruchu sieciowego


Jako autoryzowany partner VMWARE mamy w kompleksową ofertę profesjonalnych rozwiązań do wirtualizacji.


Jako autoryzowany partner ALLIED TELESIS oferujemy między innymi: przełączniki sieciowe, Bezprzewodowe punkty dostępowe Zapory ogniowe nowej generacji (UTM)


Jako autoryzowany partner VEEAM dostarczamy systemy backup, przeznaczone dla środowisk wirtualnych stacji roboczych.


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