County hospital in Żywiec

Implemented for the company Wodpol low-voltage installations with BMS in the district hospital in Żywiec. The value of the works is approximately PLN 6 million.

Budynki Wydziału Mechanicznego, Laboratoria J i K Politechniki Krakowskiej – w realizacji

J and K laboratories of the Cracow University of Technology - under construction

ZSK sp. z o.o. performs complete structured cabling, teletechnical sewage system, CCTV installation, SSP installation and also provides Extreme Networks active devices in the CZ-J (17-51) and CZ-K (17-45) buildings of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering of the Cracow University of Technology for MODULAR sp. o. o The value of contract is over PLN 3 000 000.

Teaching building of the Jagiellonian University

Educational building of the Jagiellonian University at ul. Reymonta 4 and Duży Paderevianum. The scope of performed works includes low-voltage installations with BMS for the amount of nearly PLN 13 million.

St. Louis Hospital in Krakow

Implementation of low-voltage installations with BMS for the company Wodpol in St. Ludwik's Hospital in Krakow. The value of the completed works is approximately PLN 3 million.

Communication Center in Kielce

Low-voltage installations for the Communication Center in Kielce were implemented for the Budimex company. The value of the work performed is almost PLN 5 million.

Department of TelecommunicaInstitute of Geological Sciences of the Jagiellonian Universitytions of AGH

ZSK company is a contractor for low voltage and electrical installations for Department of Telecommunications of AGH University of Sience and Technology. The works are carried out for Mostostal Warszawa. The value of the work is approximately PLN 3.5 million without TAX

Institute of Geological Sciences of the Jagiellonian University

ZSK is a contractor for a set of low-current installations together with the BMS and AV system in the ING UJ building at Krakow. We work for Budimex S.A. The value of the work is over PLN 1.5 million

Vector Plus Warsaw

The ZSK company performs a full range of electrical and low-current installations (along with BMS) on the Vector + office building in Warsaw for the Mal-bud-1 company. The expected date of completion of works is the end of 2018. The value of the works is almost PLN 7 million.

M-SPORT POLAND building in Balice

Zakład Systemów Komputerowych ZSK sp. z o.o. performed construction works for the implementation of low-voltage installations in the workshop and office building M-SPORT POLAND in Balice. Installed systems: • Sound system • CCTV • TV / SAT system • Access control • Signaling and intrusion system • Time recording system • Structural cabling • WiFi network • Internal telephone network

Q Hotel Krakow

ZSK sp. z o.o. did installation work for Q Hotel Krakow. The contract included implementation of: • High and low voltage electrical installation • BMS installation • Fire alarm systems • Audible warning system • Low voltage distribution and switchgear

Air Traffic Control Tower in Cracow

ZSK sp. z o.o. together with iBross company has delivered and install technical and operating equipment at the Air Traffic Control Tower in Cracow.

Comarch SSE 7

Office building at Prof. Życzkowskiego street is going to be a five-storey office building, which will stand in Krakow, in Czyżyny district. The construction of the Comarch SSE 7 office building began in the first quarter of 2016 and will be completed in August 2017. The total area of the office building will be 27,736 square meters, floor space will be 19,844 square meters. The authors of the architectural design are the architects from Artur Jasinski and Partners Architectural Office, the general contractor is Budimex company. ZSK is the contractor of full range installations of the low-current systems, of the value of nearly 4 million PLN.

Synchrotron Solaris

ZSK sp.z o.o. designed and manufactured for the Narodowego Centrum Promieniowania Synchrotronowego Solaris a building management system (BMS), structured cabling, closed-circuit television, fire alarm and access control. We also designed and delivered power and control cabling, structured cabling, cooling water and compressed air system, and a safety system for the synchrotron machine and test lines.

Nursing Home in Bochnia

ZSK has performed “The construction of the Nursing Home in Bochnia” investment. The scope of works included the following installations: • electrical, • telecommunications, information technology, • CCTV and alarms, • lightning protection, • indoor hydrants, • installation of emergency lighting, • smoke venting of the staircase • fire alarm.

Q Hotel in Katowice

We are carrying out full installation: electrical and low current as well as BMS in the hotel building and office building at 12 Wojewódzka Street in Katowice. The value is almost 5 million PLN.

Comarch Data Center

ZSK Ltd performed the design and execution works at the server room (DATA CENTER), Comarch V facility in Krakow.

NASK Building

ZSK Ltd has managed works on integration of key systems in the field of electrical installation, telecommunication and alarms in the NASK building in Warsaw.

Collegium Paderevianum II

We have completed a low-current systems in the Collegium Paderevianum II building belonging to the Jagiellonian University in Krakow. The value of performed works amounted to nearly 4 million PLN. ZSK sp. z o.o. carried out the following installations: • Structured cabling installation • Installation of CCTV • Fire alarm system installation

Institute of Geological Sciences

We implemented low current installations, for over 2 million PLN, in the Institute of Geological Sciences building at the Jagiellonian University.

Faculty of Chemistry

We carried out telecommunication and external networks installations for the Faculty of Chemistry, Jagiellonian University.

Comarch SSE6 S1

We have ended electrical and low current works for the Budimex company in the Comarch SSE6 S1 office building.

Eskadra housing estate in Warszawie

We have performed construction works in the area of electrical installations, telecommunication installations, installation of video intercom, access control, CCTV, fire alarm system, staircases smoke venting installation, at the Eskadra housing estate, Dywizjonu 303 street in Warsaw. The total value of the performed works exceeded 3.5 million PLN gross. The General contractor of the investment was MAL-BUD-1, the professional construction company.

III Campus UJ Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science

During 2007 and 2008 we performed a comprehensive low current and dedicated power supply installations in the newly constructed building III Campus UJ - Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science. Within performed works we have provided active as well as the computer equipment.

Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology, III Campus UJ

ZSK has made low current installations in the building of MCB III University Campus for the Budimex company. The scope of the agreement stipulate the delivery of active devices, structured cabling, CCTV and SAP installation.

Polish Aviation Museum in Krakow

We have completed telecommunication installations in the Aviation Cultural Park building including the main building of the Polish Aviation Museum. We have carried out the following installations: • CCTV, SSWiN • Structured cabling • Access control • Electrical installation for powering heat pumps and automatic heating • Smoke venting electrical Installation • Conduits for electrical installations and fiber optic installation • Delivery and installation of BMS electrical equipment

John Paul II Kraków-Balice International Airport

In 2008 the consortium of: ZSK Ltd and Skobud Ltd, completed the modernization project of the international border crossing and adaptation of the Passenger Terminal of the Balice International Airport to the provisions of the Schengen Pact.

Cracow University of Technology

In 2007, we completed investment in Cracow University of Technology in the DS 4 BALLOON building concerning the implementation of internal electrical and low current installations. The value of the performed work exceeded 3 million PLN.

The Royal Castle in Niepołomice

In 2007 the works in the Royal Castle in Niepołomice were completed. We performed a comprehensive: structured cabling, installation of TV system for the hotel, automatic air conditioning and ventilation system, access control and locking mobile phones systems.

Auditorium Maximum

In 2007 in the building of the Auditorium Maximum of the Jagiellonian University we carried out comprehensive wireless network installations throughout the whole building as well as videoconferencing system for auditorium halls.

Malopolska Garden of Art (MOS)

The ZSK company has made low current works for the PBO Skobud company in the facility of the Malopolska Garden of Art in Krakow. The author of the architectural design is well known and widely respected architectural office - Ingarden & Ewý Architects.

Wyspiański 2000

At the Kraków's Old Town we completed an investments in the Wyspiański 2000 Pavilion as part of the investment performed in 2007. Low current comprehensive installations were completed. The building main functions are exhibition and tourist information center.

Faculty of Management and Social Communication

In 2008, we made a low-current installations in the building of the III Campus of the Jagiellonian University - WZiS. The General Contractor was the Budostal-2 company.

Department of Environmental Engineering Cracow University of Technology

We have made electricity and low current installation for the investment under the name: "Thermal renovation of the building No. 10-19 of the Faculty of Environmental Engineering and renovation and investment works to adapt the building to the existing legislation and raising the standard of the Cracow University of Technology building usage, Warszawska 24 Street, Krakow ". The value of the contract exceeded 3 700 000 PLN.

Sheraton Hotel in Krakow

In 2004 ZSK completed for the NDI SA company structured cabling system in the building of the Sheraton Hotel in Krakow.

The Regionalal Educational and Sport Centre in Dobczyce

To the end of June 2012 the ZSK company completed a comprehensive electrical installations on-site in RCOS building in Dobczyce, for the amount of over 2,4 million PLN

ICE Kraków Congress Centre

We have installed low current systems in the ICE Krakow Congress Centre. The value of performed works, commissioned by Budimex joint-stock company, amounted to nearly 6 million PLN. The author of the project and visualization is Ingarden & Ewý Architects – architecture atelier.

Comarch S.A. - Part V

A consortium of the following companies: Łęgprzem Ltd, ZSK Ltd and Graphbud Ltd have completed a contract for the implementation of the Comarch joint-stock company - Phase V service and office building. The agreement subject was to build service and office building and data center with road and technical infrastructure. The total area of the building is 11 708.87 m2. The contract value amounted to 62.3 million PLN.

Polski Koks Office Building

Performance of the electrical installations, antenna installations, structured cabling, security systems, fire alarm systems and other installations in the Polski Koks building in Katowice. The value of completed works exceeded 3 million PLN.