ZSK Service is a group of specialists with a vast experience in IT handling of companies as well as individual clients.

We sale computer equipment, offer the equipment service and IT outsourcing.


We are distinguishable from other companies thanks to:

  • granting warranties on realized service
  • friendly and professional service
  • years of experience in equipment and software service
  • partnership with worlds leading computer equipment and software producers
  • brand new repair parts from Polish distributors
  • professional devices and software for diagnostics
  • we are holding Microsoft Silver Partner and VMware Enterprise Solution Provider status


We are an authorized service partner of BROTHER company.

In our offer we have solutions fitting for our customers’ needs and we provide services on a highest level that ensure a stability of IT system operation. We also render a partnership on the basis of a flexibly contract adjusted to clients’ needs and finances.

Our laboratory is equipped with devices and software enabling reconstruction of applications’ and operating systems’ problems of customers as well as servers within a test environment. Our solutions and configurations can be presented and modified in accordance with client’s wish before purchase and implemented in a production environment.

We ensure guidance in selection and implementation of virtual systems, antivirus, backup and authentication solutions.



Emergency power supply adaptors (UPS) service


We propose inspections and post-guarantee service of all types of emergency power supplies in extent of :

  • assessment of electronics elements’ technical state,
  • assessment of ventilators’ technical state,
  • assessment of accumulators’ technical state,
  • assessment of workplace conditions,
  • measurements of incoming and outgoing parameters,
  • operation tests – normal, battery operated, bypass,

After completion we issue a finale service report from the conducted inspection.

We cooperate with large government and private institutions as well as banks, in the area of inspections and post-guarantee services of UPS supply adaptors.


Printer service


ZSK Service is a company created in order to ensure an extensive modern office technology service.

We provide a professional warranty service (for Brother company products) and post-warranty service in a range of repair and inspection of all world’s leading companies office equipment.

We offer:

  • Repair, conservation, exchange of used component, repair of mainboard;
  • Specialization in: Brother, HP, Kyocera, Lexmark, OKI, Samsung


Personal Computer service


Our offer is directed to individual clients as well as small and median companies all over Poland.

We provide :

  • computer service with on – site visits to the client,
  • Windows system installation,
  • viruses removal and protection from attacks from the web,
  • cleaning and conservation of computers,
  • help in selection of computer components,
  • help in computer software selection,
  • home and company network installation,
  • repair of supply adaptors and mainboards.


Laptop / notebook service


We provide to our customers post-warranty service for all leading laptops’ brands eg.: Acer, Actina, Asus, Apple, California Access, Compaq, Compal, Dell, Fujitsu-Siemens, IBM, IPC, HP, Toshiba, Optimus, Nec, Gericom, Gateway, Mitac, Sony, Samsung.


We repair laptops:

  • after a flooding and a fall,
  • with screen brightness problem,
  • exchange matrix, keyboard, casing, memory, discs,
  • exchange bga setups (bridges / graphic cards) for new ones, free from faults, with 12 month guarantee,
  • we modernize the equipment.



LCD monitors serwis


Within our offer there are:

  • We repair the AC adapter monitor block;
  • Repair of backlight inverters;
  • Repair of LCD matrix electronics (except of mechanical damages);
  • Repair of logic boards with microcontrollers (“mother board”);
  • Repair of control keyboards;
  • Replace the CCFL lamps (fluorescent lamps).