Systemy inteligentnego budynku

Building’s infrastructure navigation is easy, enhances comfort of usage and helps economizing.


Buildings have extended internal infrastructure filled with different systems, devices and technical installations. In order to govern them IT management systems are necessary. Professionally designed, implemented and managed building’s infrastructure constructs secure and comfortable work environment, simplifies building’s government and maintenance and service as well as helps to reduce media usage. From practical point of view, building management systems are in full control over all of the installations. This solution reduces the costs of building running,  furthermore, guarantees fast information flow in-between the systems and shortens reaction time to threats. BMS - Building Management System enables easy and compact management of individual installation elements which allows to reduce cost and save time.


Security Management System in the building


One of the priorities of every company should be ensuring safety of processed information inside the company as well as protection of employees. In order to fulfill those requirements a the employees’ work space should be equipped with integrated security system. An answer to the above is Security  Management  System - SMS - a global system integrating  all security systems of the building all whole facility. The system allows to manage all security systems of a building. It is one of the basic management systems that governs the automated control systems in the building. The Security Management System is combined of interlinked smaller security systems.


Access control system


This system is used mainly in the offices and institutions. It can be based either on advance personalisation system (eg. face recognition) or magnetic / chip card reader system. The first is based on the recognition of an authorized personnel by the access control system that denies entry to unrecognized individuals. If the unauthorized person tries to open the door, the locks will remain closed. In case of the second system, authorization is obtained through information gathered inside a card used to enter the building. The system reads the card to determine the access rights – if a person is not authorized to enter the system will no open the doors.


The break-in and robbery signaling system


This system is based on motion detectors monitoring movement in the assigned zones. In case of movement detection the detector sends registered signal to alarm station which, depending on programming, will transmit notification about  intruder in the secured area. Due to integrated system of detectors and sensors such like morion detektor, a swift reaction to break-in, intrusion or vandalism is possible. Some of the examples of system reactions are: automatic information delivered to building security or police about the event, sirens launch discouraging potential intruders and notifying pedestrians. While the monitoring system is operating all the time registering events on the premises, which is useful for the police, but first of all is a part of an active support of an alarm system.


Surveillance television system


Safety is also based on the deftly working surveillance television system helping in identifying a potential threat and alarming personnel and security. It is recommended to combine the break-in and robbery signaling system with CCTV, which enables registering an event and helps with identification. Surveillance systems can also be used as a trigger to activate signaling system. Surveillance television system is usually used as an addition to other electronic protection systems.


Fire detection and fire alarm system


Fire detection and fire alarm system is a collection of cooperating elements which form an installation that can detect fire, initiate an alarm or perform actions reducing fire damages. One of the main aims of this system is prompt and faultless detection of emerging fire before it can enlarge and escalate. Swift discovery of fire source gives more time to rescuers, contributes to safe evacuation and better protection of personnel as well as property.


Sound warning system


In the event of fire or other threat to health and safety detection a sound warning system should activate. Its main aim is to inform the personnel inside the building of an arising danger and support evacuation procedures. Sound warning system is based on complex megaphones configuration arranged all over the building, enabling deft data transmission.


De-smoking system


During the fire outbreak fumes are as life threatening as flames. Frequently, smoke and toxic gas intoxication are the main cause of death. In order to prevent such situations, de-smoking system is installed in the modern buildings, which enhances control of fumes by electronically opened safety hatches in a roof and controlling building’s ventilation.


Extinguishing System


Extinguishing System is usually used in server rooms or in small archives. It’s main function is to initiate extinguishing devices (dowsing fire by gas, liquids and aerosols) after receiving a signal from detectors or from manually triggered “START EXTINGUISHING” buttons. New extinguishing systems are efficient in rescuing computer equipment and at the same time safe for the personnel.


Audio Video Systems


Our company successful integrated audiovisual systems in educational, infrastructural, public and private buildings for many years. We comprehensively prepare a design, sale and implementation documentation as well as sale and implementation of audiovisual investments. We also offer professional consultancy on equipment and installation.


Audio Systems


Our company is very aware of the importance of audibility and cooperating appliances. We provide a professional  selection of devices, tailored to fit individual client needs and installation facility capabilities. We offer a wide range of devices: wall and ceiling -mounted loudspeakers, loudspeaker sets, power amplifier, mixers, processors, and audio templates. We advice in selecting a professional accessories for sound systems: wire and wireless microphones, sound sources (CD/DVD/BluRay players), installation appliances, etc. Upon client request we design and execute a project using devices of any manufacturer.


Video Systems


We offer a wide range of visual system service, not only a satellite television network installation but also a possibility of creating an individual system of picture transmission for advertisement or information purpose. Our company has an ample experience in building telecommunication networks which allows us to perform very advanced projects.


Projector and projection screen


Successful presentation is not only about interesting idea and good elaboration, but more importantly the way of presenting. Noteworthy topic with multimedia elements, colour and sound adds up to better reception and impression on an audience. In our offer there are different sorts of projectors: multimedia, for an office, of various sizes, mobility and lamp strength, resolution and purpose. We sell projectors for business, home cinema as well as professional usage. We are aware that integral part of projection set is a well chosen screen, that’s why we assist our clients in selecting a screen suiting their needs and requirements.


Conference systems


It is common in today’s world that designing teams, business partners and coworkers are stationed in different parts of the globe, therefore, a proper coordination of operation and efficient communication are indispensable. E-mails and telephones are not always adequate, in a reality where face to face contact is crucial for success. However traveling generates costs and consumes time, therefore, our company offers an up to date conference systems transmitting a crystal clear images and sounds enabling comfortable long distance conversation.


Signal management


We offer a complex solutions in the field of AV signal transfer, ensuring full engineering support through designing and implementation stages. Through a wide range of available devices we are able to build systems operating on any analogue (VGA/RGB, S-video,  composite video, audio) or digital (DVI, HDMI, SDI, S/PDIF) signals. We provide among others: audio and video templates, switches, scalers, extenders, processors and signal interface. Our AV signals management systems are easily adaptable in educational, infrastructural and residential buildings as well as in to conference centres.




Is a digital distribution of multimedia contents through centrally managed display units network. Narrowcasting networks are a digital  dynamic  signage comparable to a private TV channel directed to people located outside a house. A possibility of target (direct) transmission and astonishing consumer unaware of receiving a dynamic transmission make narrowcasting networks a very efficient in influencing consumer behaviour. Presence of carriers in decision making point is narrowcasting greatest asset as it enables real time relations testing between advertising transmission and purchase decisions. For that reason advertising specialists see narrowcasting as a better and more effective communication tool with a consumer than broadcasting (TV, radio). Each narrowcasting network consists of three basic elements:

  • Software (software for remote image management);
  • Hardware (terminal players and displays);
  • Content (production of displayed contents).




ZSK offers Nexcom,  Cayin  Technology,  Eveo solutions. Depending on functional requirements for narrowcasting network we use different resolutions for every sector, such as: educational system, trade, transport, hospitals, banks, government institutions. We implement simple off - line systems (information kiosk) as well as expanded, remotely controlled, central systems.




In order to create a dynamic digital communication network it is necessary to have PCs / players and digital displays. LCD and CRT monitors, projectors, plasma displays or LED displays can be used as digital display. Our company represents many hardware producers giving us the ability to offer a reasonable prices for high quality hardware.




Successfully functioning of narrowcasting network depends mainly on a type of displayed contents. Content must take into consideration a specific location (trading point) as well as a situation faced by the receiver of a release (motion). Message must be short and suggestive.



 Environmental conditions control system


Air-conditioning and air ventilation in buildings plays a very important role. It determines the comfort of work and also leisure. The implemented solutions for air conditioning and ventilation continuously refresh and regulate the air while maintaining a certain temperature in specific areas. An example of the application may be a system reaction to too low temperature in the selected room, which consists of increasing temperature only in this particular room. The system can also operate inversely, ie. in case of too high temperature in the room it will take an action to decrease it to the desired value. Maintenance of a stable temperature and humidity not only improves the comfort of work for the employees but it is also necessary for the proper functioning of the machines. Precise control of environmental conditions is an integral part of each server room operation, virtually indispensable in any small, medium and large enterprise.






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