Synchrotron Solaris

ZSK limited liability company has designed and developed the following systems for the Solaris National Synchrotron Radiation Center: BMS, structured cabling, CCTV, fire alarm and access control. 

Detailed designs and as-built documentation were completed and the following installations provided:

- structured cabling together with selection of active devices 

- room automation

- measuring and control instruments and air handling units automation 

- air conditioning, ventilation, heating and cooling units control 

- media consumption monitoring 

- BMS, and automation systems integration with fire alarm and CCTV systems

- integrated room automation system including burglary and robbery alarm system 


- burglary and robbery alarm system 

- anti-intrusion alarm system and access control 

- fire detection and signalling

- security systems (LMS)

- CCTV and satellite TV 

- wired sound system (PAS)

- teletechnical terminal

- audiovisual (including devices)

- videoconference system


In a separate tasks network and computer equipment was delivered, as well as the following technological installations were designed and developed to support the operation of synchrotron machine itself and axes of research:

- structured cabling 

- (energy) power supply

- RF and special cabling

- humans and machines safety system installation 

- process water installation

- compressed-air system installation




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