ManageEngine implementation at the Jagiellonian University

This quarter, we implemented Microsoft Active Directory management solutions based on ManageEngine ADAudit Plus Proffesional software at the Jagiellonian University.
The tool is able to monitor, report and audit all changes occurring in the entire Active Directory: starting with user logins, going through adding new accounts and granting them permissions, ending with information when a given server was turned off and by whom. All this from a single web console, providing quick and convenient access to all data. In addition, the system can alert us in real time. ADAudit Plus replaces tedious log searching with scripts and saves Windows administrators a lot of time.
Benefits of using ADAudit Plus:
- Create detailed AD object reports
- Audit of actions performed by users
- Detection of introduced GP changes
- Real-time notification configuration
- Create advanced reports
The purpose of the implementation was to increase the security of the domain environment while reducing the expenditure necessary to ensure this security.



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